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The rebbe forwarded this letter to Kotlarsky, whose task it is to open new Chabad centers all over the world, adding, "If you know about this place, then what have you done for these Jews? If you didn't know - how is it that you didn't? He spent his life caring about the little Jews in far-flung corners of the world.

And his caring was contagious. He taught us all to care. If you had the "Four Sons" at your seder table last week, would you have seated them in the order that they are discussed in the haggada - first the Wise, then Wicked, the Simple, and the One Who Can't Ask? There is something striking about the Wicked One, the rebbe said. At least he cares enough to be at the seder - unlike the proverbial Fifth Son who doesn't even show up. He cares enough to ask, unlike the Silent One who doesn't even ask, and he cares enough to challenge, unlike the Simple One who just listens.

And one who cares will ultimately find his way.

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The Passover seder is a time of memories. Here are three particularly memorable Pesach stories.

Let there be a new beginning. In the presence of a Holy Man. Remembering Sharon, tefillin campaign of Responsibility for our brethren.

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  • The Rebbe sets a living example for the entire world. Risking lives for the education of others. I knocked on the door and out came a man with no shirt, tattoos and a pot belly.

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    It is Bronx etiquette to snap when greeting someone. I noticed the loaf of rye bread sitting on the table, definitely not a traditional Seder food. The tiny kitchen contained only a small table, some chairs and a hot plate. I asked the man if he would like to have a Seder.

    He agreed and called for his wife to come in. She entered, visibly pregnant, with two beautiful little girls, maybe five or six years old, trailing behind. Both girls were blind. We cleared off the table.


    We ate the matza and used water and paper cups to recall the four cups of wine. I tried to think what the Rebbe would do if he was here. I looked at the little girls and at their mother, about to have another child, and began to tell them some things I had learned from the Rebbe. I told them that we have to have faith. On this night, G-d liberated our ancestors from slavery, and He liberates us, too. The husband and wife seemed to hang on every word, like they were getting nourishment just by listening.

    We sang songs with the children and time flew. At a.

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    It turned out he was a leather tanner and was acquainted with a rabbi who worked at another section of the meat plant. Since there was a strong possibility that this child, too, would be born blind, their doctor recommended an abortion. So he asked this rabbi, who suggested that he write a letter to the Lubavitcher Rebbe. The Rebbe wrote back, saying that they should have faith in G-d and have the child.